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Makeup Tutorials

My makeup tutorials are designed with every woman in mind. 

The busy mum, the new mum, the working mum, the high powered professional, in short, this is for anyone and everyone!

There are so many products that make endless promises it’s hard to know what you actually need for your skin and to achieve the look you want to.  This is why I came up with the idea of tutorials specifically designed for individuals. 


The tutorials can be 1-1’s or with up to three friends.  It gives you the space to learn without having to buy anything, the time to experiment and see what actually works for you.  

The session lasts for approximately 2 hours, and it can be at mine or yours, whatever you prefer.


The beauty of having a makeup lesson in the comfort of your own home (or mine) is you get to try lots of different makeup, find a look that you love and learn how to create it yourself. 

My kit is built of a variety of brands.  I don’t work for any of them so I absolutely will not be trying to sell you anything.  It’s a good idea to have your makeup bag to hand, you may think you don’t have a lot but honestly, you will be so surprised!

Appointments are available mornings, weekends and evenings.  Be prepared to feel amazing, confident, empowered and learn everything you have ever wanted to about makeup!

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